Do you really want to read this…

To be honest, this post is just going to be a senseless ramble for the most part… so if you don’t like that kind of thing, now’s the time to jump ship.


Sitting here on  an unseasonably warm February morning drinking a rather large amount of dark roast coffee out of my Darth Vader helmet mug and I can’t help but think:

Who came up with the idea of smashing little beans into grounds and filtering water through it?

I mean honestly, it’s pretty random. Almost like the guy who first figured out he could drink cow’s milk, but less disturbing. Early humanity was an impressive thing and (I would assume) did a lot of random stuff to figure out the things we take for granted today. Looking at how metal is forged kind of is the epitome of this sort of amazement with the subject. Iron ore literally looks like a funky rock. It’s hard to tell the difference between iron ore and a rock or just simply dirt/dust to the untrained eye. Some brilliant mind of the old humanity said to himself, “I wonder what would happen if I put this in a little thing of clay bricks and left it in a stone container above an insanely hot fire for hours…” and freaking voila, metal has been discovered! It’s really just mind boggling. To go back even further, making stone weapons is such a precise art that the fact that the beings that figured it out are considered to an extent less evolved than we are is almost sad. I definitely can’t make a stone arrow head or dagger, one mistake and the whole thing crumbles into dust.

Not that long ago, out of curiosity, I watched a documentary on how chocolate was made, from harvesting to factory to packaging. Seriously, it’s just another one of those random “I wonder what would happen” things. Looking at a cocoa nib, you can’t help but wonder, what freaking genius turned this into a delicious nectar of the gods?! In modern day society it’s almost like we don’t value these aspects of craftsmanship. Creativity and ingenuity drive the industrial world and the degree of those two traits needed to discover the most basic of our resources and foods today, I feel, is almost absent from the daily perception. But then again, perhaps not many people think of these things and even less that do think of them actually do some research for the insight.

Personally, I enjoy looking at prehistoric, iron age, medieval and Renaissance period technology just because those periods didn’t have the degree of stuff we do today. More so the older than the Renaissance, these periods just seem so primitive but have this strange allure to me (and probably a large sum of other people for the same reason). Perhaps the life we lead today is too complicated for my taste, though I do thoroughly enjoy the internet and other stuff that our society has built us. Or perhaps I enjoy it so much because it’s idealized to a degree, the mystery of it draws me to it. Meh, who knows? These are probably things people are going to be talking about until we finally destroy the planet and go extinct.

It seems to me as if humanity as a whole has this huge obsession with the past. Nostalgia is what I would assume one of the most craved emotions next to love or happiness or comfort. I’m sure there’s some psychological explanation (which my girlfriend would be more than glad to lecture me about for more than 4 hours) as to why this is, but nonetheless, it’s fascinating. Ah well… rambling over.

Stay metal \m/



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