Abbath – Abbath


 Let there be ABBATH! Let’s be honest with ourselves, Abbath had painted a rather silly picture of the black metal scene but there is absolutely nothing silly about this album.

Being a black metal fan, I felt a little obliged to check this album out and that’s ok. The first track, To War! really sets the stage for the rest of them album. Winterbane, which was released in November of 2015, I had heard previous to the album release and I was thoroughly impressed. Not so much because of the song itself, but because I expected a black metal song and instead got something else only slightly reminiscent of one. 

As I went through this album it felt like a heavy metal album inspired by black metal, rather than a black metal album entirely. Don’t be fooled by that statement, though. There’s plenty of dark ambience to assault your ears, just not in the way you’d expect. I really do like this album! There’s some really cool guitar riffs in here that combine some interesting sounds, though not contrasting ones. Abbath’s vocals are still the vocals we all know and love, which really made this album shine to me. 

So my final advice? If you’re a black metal fan and are open minded, this album is an absolute must! 

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