Gamers Plane: Play by Post Heaven

Though not necessarily related to any system in particular, I felt Gamers Plane was worth reviewing/giving a shout. Gamers Plane is a forum website that’s designed for general RPG discussions and setting up Play by Post games. I suppose this could warrant the question, “what is play by post?” So Play by post is basically a message board where anybody playing at any time can post what their character is doing/what is happening in the environment in a forum-type layout.

Obviously you would have a designated GM to run the game and the other users would have the player characters in it. Gamers Plane was actually my first play by post experience, and a very good one. Being a huge advocate for 13th Age (duh), I ran a small snippet of a game for some people who hadn’t played before, except Nick from the Iconic Podcast, don’t think I don’t know it was you. It kind of fell off the face of the Earth because life got a little busy for me (sorry, boys. The gnome team was awesome!) but it was cool to introduce some people to the system through a non-standard RPG experience.

But enough about my experience with it, what about the way it operates? Personally, I think it’s great. Rohit was awesome at responding to me when it came to questions, or even when I was attempting to help the 13th Age aspect of the site run well. If you’re reading this,it was definitely a pleasure working with you! So what makes Gamers Plane great? There’s the obvious: If you can’t get a group together but want to play an RPG, your prayers have been answered. The community is really cool and it took almost no time for me to find a crew.

On top of that, there is a large list of RPGs that the site specifically has character sheets for and a dice roller/playing card deck built right in with free storage to your account. This is a huge boon, and saves a lot of paper. Lame jest, I know. What about if the game you like isn’t on the site yet? Have no fear, there is a custom game option where you can basically build the system you want. Even better is that if you reach out, there’s a good chance that it’ll get added to the site! Furthermore, if you know said system very well, you can go back and forth to work out bugs and make sure everything is in tip top shape.

Have I praised this enough? If you like RPGs and simply can’t get a table together, for the love of all that is good, go to Gamers Plane. They have what you need.

You can follow Gamers Plane on Twitter here and find the Gamers Plane website here.

Happy gaming and as always…

Stay Metal \m/

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