Lasers and Feelings Review

This game is a weird one. It’s called Lasers and Feelings and was put out by One Seven Design Studio. What makes this game unique is that it’s based off of song lyrics from a group called The Doubleclicks, who have an actual song called Lasers and Feelings.

In essence, this game is designed as a quick pick-up Sci-Fi RPG rather opposed to the other larger RPG’s like some of us are probably used to. By quick, I mean the rules in their entirety is one page, that includes character creation and how to run the game. It’s a foolproof d6 system that has stupidly quick character creation. You only really have 4 aspects of your character to create, the name being one of them and the other three being a simple word or number, such as “android scientist, 5). That’s your entire character minus the name. Interesting.

Running the game is equally unconventional, there’s a table to randomly generate a threat, their goal and subject of the goal with the result if their goal is met. Basically rolling a d6 four times and referencing the table creates the subject matter of your session. So outside of these rules, the only lore for the game is in the songs and the rest is simply improvised.

To be one hundred percent honest with everyone, I had my doubts about this game. It seemed really strange and easily overlooked at first but once I played it with some friends not only was I right and wrong at the same time, but it is actually insanely fun. The tone of our session was more silly, with me playing a gunslinger, pilot type (basically Han Solo). I got to be badass in a star fighter, fight my companion who didn’t want me to be captain of Raptor, the main cruiser you’re on, and I got my arm shot off before being thrown in a stasis chamber.

Silly, spontaneous and ultimately fun. I’m almost tempted to say this is a hybrid of a party game and an RPG because of how fast it can be. In short, I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it.

You can download the pdf here

Have fun

Stay Metal \m/

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