I grew up, like many people in my age bracket, playing video games. The Nintendo 64 is still my favorite console of all time, but I’ve grown up a lot since then. From Sega to Playstation 4, I’ve ripped through console after console trying to find that same shock and awe I experienced with the N64. Of course, I’ve never really found that, but right now, I’m close…

I have a friend I met at school on the other side of the country came moved to my home state in the frozen north with after we finished. His fiancee wanted to move here to Boston (for reasons unbeknownst to me) so he did. Now we work together and stuff is great. I didn’t really get to know him while we were out in the desert (his home state, actually) but I’m glad things worked out this way. It was symbiotic, really. I’m a tabletop gamer now more than a video gamer, and he’s a video gamer more than a tabletop gamer (save Warhammer 40k). Apparently, I must have struck good with him now that he’s a part of the normal Saturday 13th Age game I run because he built me a gaming PC with his spare (but not horribly outdated) parts. Until now, I went almost my whole life without playing video games on a PC. What a difference, I tell you.

Steam is like candy land for adults. There’s so much to see, so much to buy and download. It’ll make your head spin. Being new to this however has certainly humbled me. In general, I’m halfway decent at playing games with a controller, but a mouse and keyboard? How foreign. It feels so clunky and unnatural, almost like I don’t have enough appendages to operate the damned thing. Makes me wonder how people really do this at all. But, nonetheless, I am having a complete blast. Using the TV in the living room as a monitor makes the transition from console to PC a little easier but I still find myself struggling to make my hands do the things I want them to. Humanity is known for its ability to adapt, and I’m completely certain that this is no exception. The only title I feel remotely competent at is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and attempting to play Dishonored reminded me that I’m still getting my land legs here. Very frustrating. Regardless of all the setbacks, I am having a blast rediscovering the world of video gaming. It’s easy to forget how effortless video games make life in comparison to RPG gaming. You don’t have to write the story, make up a character or any of that. You just jump in, play the story and kill stuff. A nice change of pace.

Stay Metal \m/

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  1. If you like card games, I must recommend Hearthstone. There are a few tips to the game in order to be effective. But this little card game is pretty damn amazing.

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