Get Some Class!: Fighter


Fighters! We all know one, we all have had our skins saved by one and we all have played one… and instantly regretted it because your job is to literally get the crap kicked out of you. The Fighter class is iconic to the fantasy RPG genre. So what makes the 13th Age Fighter different from every other RPG ever to be scrawled on a page? I’m glad you asked!

As a Fighter, we all know our job: Walk up to bad things, hit said bad things and kill them. Thankfully bad things are never in short supply in a fantasy game, hooray for job security! From my experience with other RPG’s, the fighter is very one dimensional but consistently powerful. No problem with this if you like the whole “simple yet effective” idea. The best thing about the 13th Age Fighter is that it sticks to the simplistic nature of the class but ups the ante by giving you what’s called “Flexible Attacks.” A Flexible Attack is something that tacks on to your basic melee attack to do something cool, depending on your natural die roll. If you build it right (which isn’t difficult), you can do something extra with every turn, regardless of die roll. Your powers depend on natural even, natural odd, natural 16+ or natural 20. In some cases, it also can tack on a hit or miss to the die roll, depending on what the power lets you do.

The Fighter powers are actually not solely focused on offensive capability, which is further one thing that I love about it. The Defensive Fighting Flexible Attack is marvelous and revolutionary, making the Fighter capable of defending his/herself rather than only the party by absorbing damage. Class Talents also make the 13th Age Fighter have more of an edge over most others. At first level, you get three Class Talents. A Class Talent is basically three “core elements of your character,” as the rule book puts it. For example, a fighter can take Cleave as a talent. That means you can spend a feat on something else, woo! A note about 13th Age in general, each class has what’s called Class Features. Class Features are basically little powers you get automatically for choosing the class. Fighters get Extra Tough and Threatening as Class features. One gives a boost to recoveries while the other helps keeps enemies engaged with you.

A nice thing about the fighter in 13th Age, no more feats to use weapons! Weapons overall are split into three classes only, the flavor of which is solely up to you. These classes are Small. Light/Simple,  and Heavy/Martial. All three weapon classes are available to all character classes, but some draw penalties according to class. Want to be a wizard with a great sword? Well good news, you can! The Fighter doesn’t take any penalties for using any of the weapons, ranged or melee. While on the subject of ranged weapons, it is actually possible (and made clear in the book) that a ranged fighter is a type of fighter that the overall build of the class accommodates for. The same general rule applies for armor, segregated into classifications of None, Light and Heavy. Certainly, the Fighter can use any of the three.

High armor class, consistent damage, a wide arsenal of tools for any situation. Grab your sword and get out there!

Stay Metal \m/

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