Jomsviking – Amon Amarth


Break out your drinking horns and two handed axes! Because Amon Amarth is going to take us on another journey with their newest album, Jomsviking. Can i just start with something? I have been absolutely stoked for this album since there was even a whisper about it. Usually I’ll listen to an album before buying it, but the second I could, I bought this one.

Unsurprisingly, the album starts with their single, First Kill and it got me amped to hear the rest. While the beginning of the album overall is captivating, once One Against All came on, it took me back to their Versus the World album and made me horribly nostalgic. The overall rhythm of that song is straight out of that era of the band. Raise Your Horns is an awesome song that has a good chant in it, because what good drinking song doesn’t? During the track A Dream that Cannot Be, the vocals of Doro Pesch caught me off guard because I wasn’t listening to the lyrics. Listening to what the song is about, it makes sense to have the clean female vocals. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that they are bad because actually, when I listened a second time for content, it was truly brilliant and insanely well done. However, the first time through, it did take me out of the metallic trance I was in. The overall sound of the song is so damn good that I couldn’t help but headbang in my living room as it was playing. Back on Northern Shores brings the album to a clean and satisfying ending in the golden halls of Valhalla.

Overall, this album kicks ass. Solid purchase for both an overall metal album and even more solid as an Amon Amarth one. Jomsviking really highlights how Amon Amarth has developed and matured as a band yet still keeping to their fantastically heavy yet simple style. As always, I’m more than satisfied with their work and will definitely be listening to this album way too often for months to come. That said, I do wish that the album was a track or two longer. But, I do think that’s just me being a huge fan of this band. Go out and buy this album!

And most important of all…


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