Adapting Monsters


Tarrasque, from 13 True Ways

In my opinion, the best monster to ever be created was the squid-faced terrors that are the only rivals the dark elves truly have in the Underdark; Mindflayers. We all know what company has the gambit on that trademark, but it need not be the end! OGL laws hold up game companies from porting over our favorite monsters, and they entrust us to bring our favorite faces to the game ourselves. In this case, we even have rules to create our own beasts and baddies! Today we’re here to talk about porting monsters from other systems to 13th Age. Thankfully, the simplicity of 13th Age’s rules makes this as simple as simple can be.

Personally, I have only ported over monsters from D&D 3.5 and 4e, but considering Pathfinder is ridiculously similar to the structure of 3.5, I would imagine that it’d be in the same vein. Monsters, and honestly the rules in general, tend to be way more complicated in those systems. 13th Age is a system that almost prides itself on its simplicity, thus making the idea of a ported monster a little daunting. So my methodology is as follows:

  1. Pick a monster (duh).
  2. Choose what powers truly define the monster
  3. Analyze overall 13th Age structure for similar monsters
  4. Scale defenses and damage to target tier/level (it won’t be too far off)

That’s it. Done. Some of you are probably reading this saying, “What the hell?! This is the most vague thing ever!” Do not fear, you have not been robbed of your valuable time. I really like Chokers. The monster, not the necklace. 13th Age didn’t include them in the rules, so I made up my own Choker using the 3.5 rules as reference. I hope you guys are familiar with the 3.5 Choker, because I feel like I would get in trouble posting the stats up here for comparison, so let’s skip that part.

They don’t call them “Chokers” because they like to serve you biscuits and tea…


Level 2 Blocker

AC  17

PD 14

MD 13

HP 27

Whipping Tentacles +6 vs. AC –  6 damage

Choke +8 vs grabbed target PD – 8 damage

Natural Even Hit: Target is grabbed

Tiny buggers: Characters grabbed by the Choker can still move, unless they’re a Halfling or Gnome.

Constricting Grip: If you start your turn grabbed by a Choker, you take 3 damage.



If I’m being completely honest, I remade this monster for the post. At the time I ported the Choker to 13th Age, I was 3k miles away from my friends and managing our campaign over Roll 20. The original stats I created are probably still on my old computer, which is currently dead (I spilled beer on it). Anyway, I hope you will use the monster and find this post helpful! I apologize for the necessary reference to the 3.5 Choker for the full effect of this post to be available, blame WotC.

Stay Metal \m/

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