Oddly enough, when I’m looking for inspiration for this blog I think it’s appropriate to write about inspiration. Being a musician, I find a lot of inspiration in music. Music fuels my imagination, a film score can send me on a whole different journey than what the film actually was.  A good example is exactly what I did tonight.

After a mentally draining day at work, I cam home and wrote the post about adapting monsters to 13th Age. Seeing how I haven’t posted all week, I wanted to bang out a couple more but my brain is fried. Like an old friend, I decided to lean on a cigar, a quick drive up the highway and the music of Adrian von Ziegler to recharge. And so, it worked! Before I knew it, my mind was trasported to a world of fantasy. The rhythmic thrum of my motor snd tires beating down the highway only calming my mind further, forcing it to drown in the music pumping out of my speakers.

Everybody finds inspiration from different things, this happens to be mine. When writing a campaign or adventure, try to isolate yourself. Swim inside your own thoughts and allow yourself to be whisked away to somehwere else, forgetting the hum-drum of modern life to create something more beautiful and intriguing. Sadly for me, this inspiration comes usually on my morning commute and is gone before noon. Perhaps I should take the advice I am about to give: If you can’t write as you think, record yourself talking about your thoughts. The ebb and flow of the mind is best projected by your voice and should be encouraged to work together. Use this to your advantage. If you are in a place where it’s safe to do so, write or type as it comes. Don’t concern yourself with spelling or grammar, it slows the creative flow. Going back and correcting your mistakes is always is easier than doing so as you go.

Hope this helps.

Stay Metal \m/

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