Hey all…

So this week has been a drag for writing. Ever since I went to that Underoath concert last Sunday, I had what I thought was allergies and now has developed into a full fledged cold. Going to an Amon Amarth show the Saturday that followed… well… that certainly didn’t do me any good either. I’m hacking up a lung while typing this and needless to say, I’m not in my happy place.

Being a bit of a whimp when it comes to being sick, I have had a total lack of creativity and drive to do much of anything. Just last night though, I did play a game with Richard Leon, a fruit of his own creation, called New Gods of Mankind. Pretty fun system and if you haven’t checked out his page, I do recommend it for sure.

Other than that, I’m not exactly sure when the writing bug will come back and bite me, but it’ll be back soon. Again, my dearest apologies for the lack of posting. Stick with me! I promise it’ll all be over soon.

Stay Metal \m/