Yes. End of post, go home now. Just kidding, but on a serious note, I can’t recommend 13th Age Monthly enough. To tell it true, it seems to be more aimed at GMs than players, but there are plenty of rules and such that players can use. A couple of examples are summoning spells, rules for mounts, additional races and monsters galore.

Having been subscribed from the start, perhaps I’m a little biased. The writings in these monthly offerings hold true to the overall 13th Age writing style; Loose, snarky, and from a few different points of view. Pelgrane Press has found the perfect way to build upon their world of the Dragon Empire in a cost effective and flexible manner for you, the consumer. If you aren’t subscribed to monthly, you can buy previous editions individually. This is a fantastic idea on their part because some people might not want all the content for one year’s worth of monthly. As with most subscription services,  the cheaper route is subscribing. Don’t let this get you down, because maybe you want Dragon Riding rules but don’t care to know anything about Echo & Gauntlet. Different strokes for different folks. Man, that’s a terrible saying but hey, it fits.

Subscribing to 13th Age Monthly does, however, have a boon over buying editions individually, and a huge one in my opinion. As a subscriber you receive access to the module adventures of Tales of the 13th Age. I’ve run a hand full of the first season adventures and they are a TOTAL blast! The Folding of Screamhaunt Castle is still one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, considering I ran it as a stand alone. As most people who know him would probably agree, ASH LAW is a mad scientist when it comes to making content for this gaming system.

I have one single gripe about 13th Age Monthly and it’s actually rather minor: I really wish that you guys would allow subscribers to buy a print collection of the year’s monthly segments. Have one small book for every year of 13th Age Monthly and I would gobble that up. I would even pay separately for it without complaining. For some reason, I’m just a guy who loves books… and I don’t read that well from a screen, if I’m being honest. I plan to briefly talk about each edition of monthly at some point to give my thoughts about how the rules should and could be used. Keep an eye out!

Stay Metal \m/