Ald Sotha: Slow Recovery


Slowly ascending to the crest of a hill, the city of New Port reveals itself on the horizon, gleaming in the sunset as a beacon of hope for the people of Ald Sotha. Crysx drops to his knees with his arms raised, praising the stars that the long and perilous journey has come to an end. The feat of reclaiming home is still ahead but easy to forget when you have your first hot meal and warm bed in two months.

Long story short, the Imperial Governor of New Port was more than accommodating for the high ranking members of the Axefall. Offering a free bath at the hand of washerwomen and a hot dinner of roasted pork before holding audience with them. Lisbeth had seized an opportunity to satiate her passionate needs with some of the washerwomen, showing up late to the audience. The Imperial Governor was polite though a little steely. Eventually they had come to an agreement that the Axefall in its entirety would have access to the city immediately, the rest of the populace would be let in slower. Ten people for every two weeks, it ended up being, to give the people time to find work and integrate themselves into society to some degree. A very slow process, sure, but the refugees are given protection and supplies whilst outside the city walls.

Seeing their day’s work accomplished, the party decides to hit up a local tavern to unwind. They say that birds of a feather flock together, and such was advertised here. The party ends up meeting with Team Six of the East Harpoon Company, a mercenary company in the city. It’s comprised of a half orc named Six, a half elf named Adeline and a rather fiesty tiefling named Cecil. Crysx and Cecil clearly are trying to one up another with stories of brawn and valor, their companions blatantly ignore them as they get the scoop on the city. Seems as though Team Six had parted ways with the East Harpoon Company after a deal went awry. A merchant had offered them a contract, willing to bypass the dividend of the company. Tempting, but treacherous. Team Six decided to consult the leader of the company, a human named Archie. Known to be a just and fair man, but as of late he had been acting strange, even murdered one of his own in front of Team Six in a fit of rage brought on by the news of the bypass contract. Each division of the East Harpoon company is its’ own entity, a percentage of any earnings simply go to the East Harpoon Company title to provide weapon and armor repairs, additional supplies, food and lodging for all minor mercenary companies under its’ umbrella. They decided to omit themselves from the company and pursue the contract, seeing how any contracts provided by the company would no longer be available.

Six explains to Lisbeth and Maple how this idea was a mistake. The merchant had ended up being a vampire, coaxing them into a dark alley at night in an attempt to feed himself and some others that seemed to be his spawn. A dark secret lies within New Port, itching to be discovered the the Axefall. Team Six had pledged their allegiance to the Axefall in their noble task of reclaiming Ald Sotha, so long as they rid New Port of the vampire and Archie. Feeling a little conflicted on killing a man, they pledged only half of the agreement until more information was found.

Crysx had sent a letter to his father searching for some advice, help even from his paladin order and today was the day he received his response. Looking for someone of a like mind, he then went to the Temple of Pelor in the city whilst his friends attempted to go secure some property for the guild, in an effort to keep the less honorable members out of trouble. Maple called for a guild meeting in two days, and with the pressure on, Maple, Corbin and Lisbeth sought out the city’s steward. Steward Jonas Commodore III was his name, and was very pleased to have the Axefall in his office. Eager to help the guild find a place to call home, he started scouring his ledgers of properties in the city. He found a warehouse by the docks that was available, mainly because the owners hadn’t paid their taxes and had the property seized. Come to find out, it used te be an East Harpoon Company warehouse, now offered to the Axefall in an “as is” condition. Jonas Commodore III offered to even reduce the price if the Axefall agreed to help take care of the farms in the surrounding area that had suffered some sort of attacks. It was in this moment that Lisbeth had realized this phenomenon was caused by orcs, likely in league with the orcs back at the abandoned manor in the fringes of the Wild Wood. She informed him that General Gug was dealt with. This pleased the steward, but he still needs some brave souls to make completely sure the orcs had been eradicated from Imperial lands.

Crysx was having a less pleasant time in his inquiries. He had found Cleric Godfried the Radiant, someone whom knew him from his childhood, a good friend of his father, Eitger Greymane. Though Godfried made it clear that he hadn’t heard from Eitger in quite some time, he wished Crysx well in his quest for finding his father. Crysx showed Godfried the letter his father sent as a response to his own, stating that he was sailing to the isle of Omen to do some work with his order. It was written that Eitger intended for Crysx to meet him there, to gain honor for serving the realm. Godfried was grief stricken by this news, stating that this was a sign that Eitger had foreseen the ending of the age and was leading his order to its’ death to ease the passing….

Stay Metal \m/

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