Ald Sotha: Slowly Returning to Adventure

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The guild meeting was out of the way and now the Axefall could manage itself to a degree. However, the party has little time to find comfort in this. Whispers of a vampire running around New Port, the leader of the East Harpoon Company being led by a murderer, Eitger Greymane supposedly leading a whole order of paladins to their deaths, Galgurt Galehammer’s magical stasis, the need to gain allies to reclaim their home; The party has some work to do.

As an above table note, we are planning to use the rules for Home Bases 13th Age Monthly to dictate how their newly established Falling Hammer pub/guild hall creates interesting side quests and obligations for them.

While the other three were working with Dorne to get a general plan in order, Crysx runs off on his own again. This time for more agreed upon reasons. He seeks out Cleric Godfried the Radiant for his help once more. On his way to the temple, he gets a strange feeling that someone is following him, but never is able to see anyone. After a short back and forth banter, Godfried agrees to help him secure a ship to Omen to take care of his father. However, he makes it very clear that he doesn’t approve of this move, simply because he says that Crysx and his friends have a bigger role to play in the shaping of this age. Crysx is blind to any reason on this matter, his emotions for his father blind any rationality that Godfried may send his way.

“On the dawn of the third day from today, there will be a boat for you at the docks,”Godfried says in a grave tone, “But They will simply drop you there. I can’t have my clerics standing on such dangerous shores waiting for a party that may not return to them.”

With the terms set and the intentions clear, Crysx feels satisfied. On his way out the door he collides with someone.

“Oof!” the man is knocked back a step or two. Once Crysx is able to focus on him, he sees that it’s the guard from the infirmary that he so masterfully schmoozed. Nervously he says, “I saw you at your guild meeting, m’lord. If it please you, I’ve already resigned from the town guard. Having served a term of five years they were more than accommodating.”

When the two return to The Falling Hammer, they’re met with an amused grin from Lisbeth.

“He’s wearing guard’s armor,” Corbin said amused, “How on earth did you manage that?” After filling him in, they start to devise a plan on how they could possibly use his previous position to gain access to some information. Knowing they have two whole days to get something accomplished, it was time to get to work.

Unanimously they agreed that pursuing information on Archie’s murder that he committed, seeing as it may be the easiest to resolve. Not only that but the least time sensitive. And with that, it was off to the guild hall of the East Harpoon Company.

It was a long walk from The Falling Hammer but a lot more pleasant than it could have been. It was in the inner part of the city, meaning that they were free from the frigid coastal winds that had been buffeting them all morning. The guild hall of the East Harpoon Company was unguarded, seeing how they sell food and drink to the public to further bring in revenue. They were glad to see that their half-orc friend who had met them at the warehouse yesterday wasn’t around. This way, nobody would be alerted to the fact that they were with the Axefall.

Corbin had a plan: He wanted to attempt to hire a small unit of the East Harpoon for a contract and eventually way overpay them to give them a scoop on the company. But things did get a little out of hand…

He approached the tiefling bar tender to see if he knew a  good novice level unit within the company to help him with his petty problem.

“None but experts here,” the tiefling answered with a satisfied grin, “Your gran sick or something? Perhaps you should see an herbalist, not a mercenary guild.”

Well actually…” Corbin said, thinking on his feet, “My father is a farmer and he’s been having an issue of late. There’s been someone sneaking into our chicken coops at night and having their way with our hens.”

The tiefling erupted in laughter and told him to piss off after charging Corbin double price for his ale. Crysx’s tactic to gain attention was a little more aggressive: he tried to get somebody on board  to come to Omen with the party. Again, the bar laughed hysterically and told him they were mercenaries, not suicidal.

Lisbeth shaking her head at the denseness of men tried a different tactic. she found the guy that seemed to have the biggest ego and decided to cuddle up and flirt with him, to get him to loosen up to her presence. So far so good, but in the excitement of her success she asked a daft question:

She leaned close and whispered, “So word on the street is that Archie murdered a man. Know anything?”

Immediately the man looked annoyed and pushed her away. Defeated, the party left the East Harpoon guild hall. Lisbeth proposes the idea that Archie simply has to die, it’s clear that he’s done what he’s accused of otherwise he wouldn’t be buttoned up so well.

In an effort to give everyone time to calm down and think things over, the party heads to the first bar that welcomed them to grab a drink without the guild bustling around them asking probing questions. Crysx has one too many and gets himself into trouble.

He accused a one eyed man of looking at him funny, insinuating that he had a problem. The one eyed man got a little defensive.

“Oi, mate. That’s Johnny One-eye. If you was smart, you would sit back down and button your yap!” A stout dwarf sitting with the one eyed man says. Crysx, viewing this as a challenge, decides to throw the first punch. Single handed, he defeats Johnny One-eye, his dwarf friend and two of the other men that stand in to help him. Corbin and Lisbeth make it a point to not be associated with him for the rest of the night.

“Anyone want more?! No?! Good,” Crysx says before sitting back down…

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