Ald Sotha: Unfinished Business Part 1

One day down, one to go. The party awoke in the morning to tend to some work before setting sail to the isle of Omen tomorrow. With their time, they decided to do a little research. Crysx suggested that they find information on where to find phoenix feathers for the forge Rin Lakehilt was attempting to build for the guild. Nosing around town, they get word that there is an agent of the Archmage treating with the Imperial Governor today, to help keep the Archmage up to date on how the empire fares. The opportunity to seize knowledge about an incredibly rare magical beast has presented itself.

Battling the frigid temperatures of today, they swaddle themselves up in their cloaks to head to the office of the Imperial Governor. The half-elf clerk for the office greets them with a warm smile. Gaining access to his office proved to be a little more difficult than anticipated. They didn’t have an appointment, and with the special guest, courtesy of the Archmage, the clerk was less inclined to let anyone in.

Corbin tried stating the case that they had to inform the Governor about the whereabouts of an important artifact, but the clerk wasn’t buying it. Crysx decided he had enough and simply walked through the door to her right, already knowing where the man’s office was. Lisbeth and Corbin simply followed with the clerk in tow, very unhappy with the disregard for order and yelling at them to stop at once. A few guards starting following the commotion.

They got to the door for the Governor’s office and Crysx knocks. A guard puts his hand on his shoulder, “Look, we don’t need a scene here. Just come with me and we can take care of this.”

Crysx, fighting back the urge to scream, said, “If you touch me again, I’ll cut that hand off.”

The door cracks open and the Imperial Governor pokes his head out while furiously saying, “I thought that I said that I was not to be bo- Oh.” He composes himself seeing that it’s the members of the Axefall who have interrupted him. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow, I’m discussing some important business with a very important person,” the Governor says, much more relaxed than he was a second ago.

“I apologize for the intrusion, but our matters are pressing. We need to speak to you about an artifact that went missing,” Corbin said, trying to sound grave.

He conveyed his tone well enough that the Governor gave him a nod and bid the guards and clerk carry on. Stepping back he opened the door and to Lisbeth and Corbin’s horror, Thynexius was sitting at the governor’s desk, legs crossed, heels propped up on it with his hands behind his head.

To rewind a bit here, Thynexius is a tiefling NPC that was from Ald Sotha. He posed as a cursed arms dealer, suckering people into paying top coin for cursed magic items. The party had multiple run ins with him when the city was still intact. Thynexius had helped them find the source of the problem when people started to go missing from Ald Sotha. His only request was that when they found what the perpetrator was hiding, they return it to him. Turns out that Lucius Bornholdt, a drow vampire, had some town guards in his pocket and were stealing people from their homes in the night, killing them and delivering them to his lair. He was contributing to the building of the undead army that attacked the city. After disposing of Lucius, the party found that he had the Deck of Many Things. Upon seeing Thynexius again, they refused to hand it over to him. He was rather unhappy, preparing to take it by force but just as he started to act upon that, the city was attacked. The night after the Axefall and its remaining citizens fled, Thynexius found Corbin. He had asked him for the deck again. This time he claimed to be an agent of the Archmage as reason for requesting it. Corbin wasn’t having it and refused him once more. This time, out of pity perhaps, he had no intent of fighting and just left. Blain (the character that Ben played before Crysx) stole the deck from Corbin in his sleep and departed from the party.

“Well,” Thynexius said with an arrogant grin, “Look what we have here: some vagabonds that fancy themselves diplomats. Have you come to return to me what is mine, finally?:

Corbin and Lisbeth were struggling to compose themselves as the Imperial Governor asked Thynexius if he knew them. He happily said he did, and also informed the Governor that they had let the Deck of Many Things slip through their fingers like sand.

At this point, Corbin blatantly accuses Thynexius of not really being an agent of the Archmage. Much to his disdain, Thynexius had a writ of passage with a magical wax seal of the Archmage, created with such a powerful magic that it would be nearly impossible to forge.

“Now that you’re done talking about things you know nothing of, I believe you owe me a favor since you tapped into our warding magic to create some friends to help you labor,” Thynexius said, with a knowing look at Corbin. “You are to retrieve the Deck of Many Things, again, and return it to me. This time, you won’t fail. Clear?”

“You have no right to order me around like I’m some lackey,” Corbin said with a touch of venom in his voice. He was growing impatient with Thynexius’ arrogance.

“We could discuss it with the boss, if you’d prefer,” Thynexius replied. A sinister grin spread across his face like a forest fire as he pulled out an ornate hand mirror. Corbin recognized it as a sort of scrying device, and by the context, it had a connection to the Archmage.

With a sigh, Corbin agreed that they would see to it, Lisbeth had put in her own statement saying that it wasn’t exactly high on their list.

“I think you should get your priorities straight, m’lady. Clock’s ticking, try Drakkenhall first. Might be fruitful. Get out of my sight,”  Thynexius gave a dismissive wave. Corbin was all too happy to be done with this arrogant half-demon and stormed out of the office. Crysx was the last to leave, and just at the door he paused to turn around and ask a question.

Not knowing what had just happened, since he had no previous dealings with the tiefling, he bashfully asked, “You wouldn’t have any idea where to locate some phoenix feathers do you?”

Thynexius guffawed, “You have more of a chance finding that deck than you do finding one of those creatures.”


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