Ald Sotha: Unfinished Business Part 2

The visit with the guest to New Port proved less fruitful than the party would have liked. In fact, it was just the opposite, now they have even more things to worry about. There’s a vampire afoot, Crysx’s father is leading his order to certain death, Jonas Commodore III still needs the Axefall to look into the farmsteads outside of the city and Galgurt Galehammer’s body still lies in ruin.

Trying to collect their thoughts and emotions, heading back to the guild hall in the making seemed best. Construction was continuing as normal, though much warmer thanks to the new person sized door cut out of the gigantic cargo sized ones. It made the whole place seem a little more like home. Everything was coming along very nicely, to tell it true. No accidents to speak of, a little frigid due to the lack of a hearth at the moment but the skeleton of one was being built on the north facing wall.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Adeline, the half-elf with the cat ears, popped up to greet the party. Startled, yet pleasantly surprised at the same time, they returned to greeting and got into a conversation…

Adeline inquired about their progress on dealing with Archie, the corrupt leader of the East Harpoon Mercenary Company. The party had no choice but to admit that things had come to a screeching halt due to some prior obligations, and at this Adeline was slightly disappointed. A glimmer in her eye hinted at the fact that she had an idea. She asked if they had some spare time to get the ball rolling, and seeing how their ship to the isle of Omen did’t leave until tomorrow at dawn, they did. Hook, line and sinker; We have ourselves a mini quest!

The crafty rogue had hatched a master plan to sneak past the bolstered defenses of the East Harpoon guild hall to get to Archie. They were to meet in an alley way at 10:00 pm. Corbin thought that was a little crazy, the guild members would still be awake. However, Adeline assured him that she had a plan. While they were working through the details, Corbin noticed Cecil, Adeline’s shaky trifling companion, standing amongst the hullabaloo, only just within earshot but looking rather suspicious. The rest of the group picked up on Corbin’s distraction, yet nonchalantly paid it mind. Cortex called Cecil’s attention and called him over to welcome him to the conversation.

Cecil’s claim for being at the guild hall was to see how the Axefall was faring, but Corbin had his suspicions. He was intrigued as to why Adeline was here, however, and though she claimed the same as him, he had his doubts. Having spent so much time with her, he had learned to see through her lies. There was no indication of this, however, when Corbin decided to step in. The wizard hatched a brilliant plan, to give Cecil not necessarily wrong information about their plan, but mostly untrue information. He told Cecil to meet them in Forgan Square, a well known mercantile place near the East Harpoon guild hall, at 10 pm. Corbin knew he was taking a risk, seeing how their actual meeting place was near Forgan Square, but he wanted to monitor the situation to see if Cecil was a traitor.

His expression turned grave as he advised that the plan was folly. When Cecil realized that there was no changing their minds, he politely declined and wished them luck before departing. The suspiciousness of their unexpected inquirer made Corbin put Adeline under the microscope. In an instant, he had an idea and remembered that he had access to some East Harpoon ledgers that were coded. Corbin told Adeline a fake location of them, saying that she needed to help keep some notice off of the area.

Adeline, being an expert in the field of deception, instantaneously picked up on his intention. Feeling both hurt and bitter disappointment, she informed him she had no interest in any of his belongings and to simply meet her at the spot.

The rest of the day was spent eagerly waiting for night to fall.

Anxiety made a cozy home in the stomachs of the party, not knowing what to expect from this endeavor. They met Adeline at the spot, watched Forgan Square from their vantage point for a time, to see if there was any signs of Cecil. Silence. Adeline, growing quickly impatient and excited, urged them to follow her. They weaved their way through a network of alleyways until she brought them to a building, indistinguishable from the others they had passed.

“This is where we climb.”

Like an insect, Adeline scuttled up the building with ease, as if by second nature. The others weren’t so practiced, so she dropped a rope down for them to scale the building. Once all were atop the building, they lay on their stomachs to crawl to the peak of the thatched roof. Just peering their eyes over the edge, they could see straight into a second floor window across the street, a room unmistakable occupied by Archie, who was pacing the floor in a most fervent manner. This alone was odd but then there was a point where he started hitting his own head before hitting it against the window, spidering the glass.

Immediately after, he retired to his bed. Adeline waited in silence for 30 minutes or so and then deemed that it was time. She climbed over the peak of the roof to slide down to the edge on the other side. Quietly but deftly, she took a large spike out of her knapsack and drove it into the roof, secured a rope to it, the other end of the rope to a knife, and threw the knife just above the window. She gestured towards the makeshift zip line, indicating she intended for the party to use it.

Everybody looked at each other, entirely unsure of what to do. The seed of doubt towards Adeline that Corbin had planted caused everybody to take pause. Before they knew it, they didn’t have a choice; a fire arrow came from the darkness and stuck into the thatch. The winter having dried it immensely, the area around the arrow was swallowed by flame quickly.

“There’s no time, go! I’ll come after you!”

Crysx sprung into action, using his ax to give him stability across the rope. Corbin was next, using his staff and a shocking grasp spell. Lisbeth brought up the rear. Gliding through the open air, staring dizzily down towards the street far below them, they quickly came to Archie’s window.

Lifting his legs just before he impacted the glass, Crysx blasts through the window, falling onto the floor with the other two soon following him. In a mess of blood and shattered glass, they stand, poised to attack their target. Yet, he still lays in bed, seemingly sleeping on his stomach. Cautiously, Crysx approaches the bed as Lisbeth readies a ray of light to hurl at the enemy. Crysx stands over the sleeping man, on top of the bed with him laying on his stomach between his feet. Just has he prepares himself to drop down and restrain him, Archie pushes himself up, and his head spins around with eyes white as milk.

Stay Metal \m/

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