Ald Sotha: Unfinished Business Part 3

Image: Dybbuk from the 13th Age Bestiary

Crysx’s blood runs cold as he stands over what was once the leader of the East Harpoon Company. Archie’s body twists and mangles in an impossible way as he crawls out from under Crysx and up onto the wall before pouncing on him. Corbin and Lisbeth watch in a moment of horror before instinct takes over and they enter the fray. Archie moves with an inhuman speed and contorts in ways that churns the stomachs of the party as they combat this monster.

Lisbeth readies a Javelin of Faith as Crysx attempts to keep the creature in the room, as it’s obvious that it’s attempting to escape. She takes a deep breath, time seems to slow around her as she throws the spell at the monster. It finds is mark, pierces through his chest as a scream of a thousand voices erupt from Archie’s mouth like a volcano. With those screams, a purple ectoplasmic substance slowly comes out of his mouth and takes the shape of a purple cloud. Archie’s body drops to the ground as the true foe reveals itself: a Dybbuk. Just as this happens, some East Harpoon mercenaries break into the room and are immediately under the influence of the Dybbuk.

The party is forced to fight them, and try their best not to hurt or kill them while in their entranced state. While distracted, the Dybbuk escapes through the broken window and evaporates in the frosty night air. The mercenaries fall to the floor, beaten and disoriented. The building across the street where the party came from is ablaze, sending a giant column of smoke into the night sky, the fiery fingers reaching upwards as if to chase after it. Archie slowly wakes up, badly hurt and with no recollection of what had happened int he past half hour. The party fills in Archie on what had happened and he’s horrified. They take their leave as order has been reestablished. Seeing how there’s only a couple of hours until dawn and their boat leaves at first light, it was time to get some sleep.

Adeline was nowhere to be found…

Stay Metal \m/

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