What Happened to August?!

Hello there everybody, this is going to be a more apologetic than anything.


August has been a HELL of a month. Gen Con being in the first week made for a very interesting and disruptive start, totally screwing up any ounce of organization/schedule I may have had (or at least pretended to). Though this is to be expected, with the reputation the convention has of being uprooting and/or chaotic. But, being honest with you guys like I always do, it’s not the reason to the complete halt of much of anything besides game summaries.

Some friends of Jessica and I had not procured a place to live before their current lease on their apartment had expired. We have the extra space (not really) in our quaint little condo and agreed that letting them stay with us for the month was the right thing to do.

Long story short, it was a complete upheaval of my way of life, immediately after coming home from vacation. In the end, everything worked out great, however. They found a place, I have my house back and everything can go back to normal.

Prepare for the onslaught of METAL!

And to prepare for that, you first need to…

Stay Metal \m/

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