Month: September 2016

Ald Sotha: Omen Part 3

Photo credit to Hollywood Metal. Shadows danced on the crumbling walls from the shimmering light that emitted from Corbin’s staff. It mingled and danced with the fire that encompassed Crysx’s great ax to create a mesmerizing medley of light. The air was cruelly cold, the…

Magic Items

The true staple of fantasy gaming, the most exciting part of the journey, the biggest incentive to make a player do what you need them to do: magical items. 13th Age is obviously no different there, magic items exist and they’re completely awesome. Setting…

At A Glance: Age of Rebellion

Fantasy Flight Games has the licencing for the Star Wars IP in a death grip, and man, are they doing it right! I’m a little late to the party, seeing how Force and Destiny is already out to either augment this game or stand by itself,…

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