What Have I Been Up To?

Hello all!

The lack of activity lately has probably drawn some questions (or not) into your minds. So this post is to update you on what I’ve been doing!

So first off, I’ve been just getting pummeled by my job. By the time I get home, my brain is complete mush and I just fall onto the couch in a heap. As far as gaming goes and the creative bits of everything, it’s been more gaming than creating. The Saturday game has been going well lately, lots of good character development. I kind of fell behind on summaries (probably have five or six that I have to write to be caught up, yikes!) but one for the continuation of Omen is coming out this Wednesday.

In other news, I was involved with the play testing for 13th Age’s Shadows of Eldolan for Roll20. Huge thanks to Wade Rockett for tipping me off to the open spot, Aaron Roudabush for hosting, and Rob Heinsoo for giving me the opportunity to game with a man I truly look up to. For all of you that are interested in the Shadows of Eldolan for Roll20, you can purchase it here. In relation to that, we also recorded our play testing session for the 13th Age YouTube channel! That can be found/watched here.

So that was Tuesday. Friday, I played my first session in Call of Cthulu 7th edition with some folks over at High Level Games and am now a part of the normal Friday group! This makes three games a week for me (woof) but it’s truly the best way for me to broaden my horizons, play some games with some awesome people and just get out there.

During the time where I’m just looking to unwind, I’ve been scavenging together some people to play Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing miniatures game with me and man, is it great. I have a metric butt-load of ships (ok not compared to some people) although I’m pretty new to the game. It’s been a blast so far and well worth the like $400 I’ve spent on it since Gen Con. I like using the Imperials just because all the ships generally look the same and it’s just fun to be flying what looks like an organized unit around the table. Truly gives me that Star Wars feeling and I love it! I also played my first epic game with a friend of mine. It took three freaking hours to play but man was it fun.

As for what I have on deck to write about… well… it’s been a bit of a struggle considering my attention is so diverted. If there’s a topic that you want to see addressed, please, reach out! It’d be great to have some curiosities thrown at me to think about and get my gears turning. Leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter @HeavyMetalGM.

Guys, thanks for your patience and support as I’m flopping around trying to do stuff over here. I really appreciate the support, feedback and interaction that I get from all of you. But for now…


Stay Metal \m/

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