Ald Sotha: Omen Part 4

Continuing on, the party faces various traps and puzzles that they overcome with will or wit.

Eventually they find a room where they hear fighting in the distance. Rushing towards the sound, the party finds a group of paladins battling some clay golems and earth elementals. The fight was quick due to their superior numbers, but not without injury.

“Hail, delvers. We are paladins of the Order of the Manticore,” one of the combatants greets them. After a short conversation, the party was able to gather this:

  • Eitger’s paladin order was divided by the specific star in the constellation that they worship, these called themselves the Manticore due to a smaller constellation within the larger one.
  • They all carry morning stars to symbolize the mighty beast’s tail.
  • They have no hierarchy, all Manticore paladins have the same say in what the order does.
  • This group of paladins was summoned by Eitger and his division, the Order of the Sword to come to Omen.
  • They’re not entirely sure if it was just them summoned or the other orders as well.

The paladins explained that they had entered this room from the gaping hole on the west side of the room, it leads up to the surface via a series of tunnels/caves. It became blatantly apparent that the order to travel was rushed, hinting at some urgent matter at hand.  They agreed to help the party find Eitger, seeing how they were looking for the same person.

After traversing some rooms that yielded almost nothing, they came to a long hallway. The party could hear some voices echoing down it towards them. Deciding to err on the side of caution, they proceeded as slowly and quietly as they could. The hallway was dark, the only lights coming from Corbin’s staff, which he attempted to somewhat stifle at the potential threat.

The voices hushed, hearing the sound of the footsteps drawing near. It became obvious that the creatures down the other end were large, heavy, as the sound of an attempt to move quietly echoed back at the party. Slowly being washed with light, Eiter Greymane walked out of the darkness to greet his son.

Shock took his face by storm, and then happiness and relief as he embraced Crysx.

“I didn’t think you’d come, and I was worried that even if you had, some horror may have bested you. You’ve grown large and strong. I am proud of you,” said Eitger, amidst a flurry of emotion. Crysx was conflicted about how he should feel. Lisbeth and Corbin both felt slightly awkward at the family reunion. Corbin’s mind immediately became fixated on the wish gem, as he tinkered with it in his satchel.



One thing I have failed to mention during these summaries is Crysx’s one unique thing: his curse. Plopping you guys down in the middle of a two (now three) year long campaign is a little tough to make sure all the details come through. In short, Crysx is a dark elf and his curse is that he only has the appearance and personality of a dark elf at night. During the day, he looks like a high elf and is less angry/temperamental. Back to the action.



Crysx asked Eitger a flurry of questions. In short, the paladin order had not been summoned to Omen for their prohpetic and cataclysmic death. Cleric Godfried was scared of this prophecy and assumed every time they came here, it was for such a reason. The truth of it was that they were pursuing a small group of dragonics and one human which had made off with an artifact. They had tracked them to here and were attempting to follow their trail based off of what they knew about the artifact. What was stolen was a totem of the Serpent King, the first Icon ever known. Eitger drew the conclusion that they only place this could be used for something is Omen, though it was truly a leap. He took his chances, and actually found evidence of their landing here. Since then, they had been tracked to this dungeon and they’ve been exploring in an attempt to find their quarry.

On a side note, Eitger mentioned that the orders get together and come to Omen for one week every five years to cut down some of the nefarious beings that call this place home. They call these crusades “cleansings” to prevent a big conglomeration of evil forces to eventually find their way off the island a little stronger than they arrived. They firmly believe that they are doing the Great Gold Wyrms holy work by performing these cleansings.

One of Crysx’s hands had turned dark permanently as he tried to lift his curse himself, far previous to gaining access to this dungeon. Eitger had noticed as much, and a feeling of guilt hung in the room like a dense fog.

“My son, it is time that the truth be told. Kneel before me and I will relieve your pain,” Eitger said in a solemn tone.

He removed the gem from Crysx’s forehead and crushes it into dust. Blinding light envelopes Crysx, and when he emerges he is blatantly no elf or dark elf, but an Aasimar. The curse had been placed on him by Eitger at birth to protect him from being hunted his whole life. The side effects were unexpected, but a small price to pay to keep a prophetic hero alive.

Eitger explains that the order has been waiting thousands of years for his coming and now is the time that the age of peace starts…


Stay Metal \m/

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