Ald Sotha: “We’re Not Done Yet”

image credit: Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailers (video still).


Nothing but the dark of the void. Bodiless, weightless, without emotion nor care.

Where am I?

When you spend an eternity under sensory deprivation, you are left with many thoughts but few things to truly worry about. A place without pain is nice, but without joy to counter it, it is torture.

Like the tide slowly working its way up the shore, the world came back to them. First the static behind the eyes, telling them they were still alive. Then the muffled voices, their ears still worked. The smell of salt, how did I get outside? Then the excruciating pain of a soul thrust back into a wounded body.

Blurry, but clearly a person.

“Look! This one’s waking up, they’re alive!” One of them shouted, pointing like an amazed child.

We did it, Crysx thought. He tried to speak but nothing came out. His throat felt dry as sandpaper, something was caked under his nose, he could feel it as he moved his lips when attempting to speak.

By some unnatural force, Corbin’s eyes snapped open. His consciousness had returned far faster than his body was ready. His mind filled with frantic thoughts about the gems. His twitching movements, attempting to search his belongings, caused some of the paladins to rush over and do what they could for him. A lay on hands spell had Corbin’s limbs working again.

Lisbeth spoke with Galgurt in her unconsciousness. “You can’t give up, not yet,” he said, though she could not see him in the void. His voice sounded like they were in very close proximity to each other, but all she could do was hear him.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen! Please, help me!” Lisbeth cried out frantically, her voice echoing in the void. For the first time in a long time, she felt helpless. Her thoughts returning to when she had lost her sister.

“You helped me, remember? I am bound to you but I’m powerless. I don’t believe this is the end for you, I’m not a man of faith but you have shown me the Gods have a greater plan for you,” Galgurt said back to her, a touch of sadness in his voice.

Corbin sat up and began searching his bag instinctively, frantically. For a moment he regained control of himself and looked up to see a group standing around Lisbeth, she wasn’t moving. His eyes turned to Crysx’s body, he was moving slightly and starting to make sound, eyes slowly opening and closing. Fear gripped his hear like a vice. Corbin quickly went over to Crysx, pried his mouth open and jammed the top of a healing potion bottle into it. As life came back to him, Crysx looked at Corbin, frightened. He pushed the bottle away, “Hey, that hurts!”

Corbin looked at him grimly, “Not as much as it’ll hurt to lose her,” he said, pointing a Lisbeth’s body. Corbin’s eyes grew wide as he awkwardly scrambled to his feet, his legs still not ready to cooperate. Falling down in a heap next to her side, he prepared a lay on hand spell paired with bastion. With the mighty power of desperation, Crysx brought Lisbeth back from the brink of death. Not without a cost, but they luckily had a hefty amount of healing potions left from the trip.

“By the stars, I thought we had lost you,” Crysx said with a sigh of relief.

Lisbeth sat up and stared straight into his eyes with a burning intensity.

“No… We’re not done yet.”


Stay Metal \m/

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