Unconventional Enemies: Elves Part 2

Wood elves are in a bit more of a pickle than high elves. The High Druid is rumored to have many wood elf followers who prefer her radical views on society vs. nature. Having an entire race of elves stuck between two Icons creates fertile ground for conflict.  With their racial power, wood elf PC’s have enormous potential to put down some pain on anyone who stand in their way. Having a wood elf enemy is most unwise.


Wood Elf Hunter

Quiet in the thickest of brush with a keen eye. You’re a bit unlucky that you’re now their prey.

Initiative +12
4th level Archer [Humanoid]

R: Longbow +9 vs. AC – 10 damage
Natural even hit – 5 ongoing damage and second (no more) longbow attack can be                     performed on a different target.

Arming sword (2 attacks) +7 vs AC – 6 damage

Elven Grace: When the escalation die is even, wood elves can forgo their move action to perform an additional standard.

Lethal hunter: The first time an enemy is staggered by the wood elf hunter, it is affected by fear.

Nastier Specials:
Dead shot: If the wood elf hunter is attacking from far away, it gains +2 to its crit range.

AC: 19
PD: 17                   HP: 50
MD: 15



Wood Elf Druid

Usually when you find yourself in druid territory, you have a chance to turn back. If the roots of the tree ahead are already grabbing at your feet, it’s too late.

Initiative +8
5th level blocker [Humanoid]

C: Ripping vines  +10 vs. PD – 15 damage and the target is stuck and grabbed, save ends.

C: Feed the plants (one stuck/grabbed enemy) + 10 vs. PD – 12 damage

Wooden stick +5 vs AC – 8 damage

Elven Grace: When the escalation die is even, wood elves can forgo their move action to perform an additional standard.

Magical grabbing: When a target is grabbed by its ripping vines attack, the wood elf druid does not suffer the typical effects of being the grabber.

AC: 15
PD: 20                    HP: 62
MD: 17



Wood Elf Shifter

These elves are the pride and joy of the High Druid. Only the most honorable of her followers gain the ability to assume animal form. Wood Elf shifters almost never fight in their humanoid form. It’d be an insult to their patron.

Initiavite +15
Large 7th level wrecker [Beast]

Claws, teeth or horns +11 vs AC (2 attacks) – 25 damage
Natural 16+: The target is also hampered.
Miss: Half damage

Meal time (one hampered enemy) +11 vs AC – 50 damage
Miss: 10 damage

Skin changer: The wood elf shifter can change into a humanoid form to perform this attack:
Weapon for thumbs +12 vs AC – 15 damage and 5 ongoing

Bestial fury (animal form only): Wood elf shifters gain a bonus to damage equal to double the escalation die.

AC: 22
PD:  20                  HP: 210
MD: 17


The Wood Elf Shifter is designed to be a pretty tough enemy, ideally a very important adversary story-wise. I hope you find the monsters useful, they are pretty versatile and meant to be a serious challenge.


Stay Metal \m/

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