The Road to Gen Con 2017

With the new year rolling in and badges going up in just a couple of hours (from the time I’m writing this), I’m so ridiculously excited for the amazing event that Gen Con 50 is going to be. As the same with last year, I will be attending! This year, I’m planning to shake things up a bit, learning what I have from my first ever attendance last year.

What isn’t changing is that I’ll be GMing 13th Age for Pelgrane Press all weekend long. I’m not exactly sure what time slots are going to be filled yet, but I’ll make a post with my schedule as soon as I get all that squared away. What I’m going to do different this year opposed to last year, however, is I’m going to try to have more free time during the day/nights to meet up with all of you! One thing that suffered last year was time, for sure. I perhaps over scheduled a bit out of sheer excitement and found myself running from hall to hall trying to be on time for games.

Per usual, I’ll be available on Twitter to arrange meet ups and all that fun stuff for the duration of the con. With it being so early, I don’t have a hell of a lot to announce for the con, but I look forward to it. Since I dropped the ball last year (sorry guys), I’m definitely going to make time to go to The RPG Academy’s pre-Gen Con meetup. Last time, Michael and I had a lot less time to chat than I would like, this year there shall be no mistake!

I’m really excited to meet some of you and reconnect with those who are returning this time ’round. Let’s make Gen Con 50 as special and memorable as possible!


Stay Metal \m/

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