Unconventional Enemies: Halflings

Though it’s abundantly clear that nobody knows how halflings came to be, there’s a lot of speculation. One thing most people agree upon is the Prince of Shadows’ involvement in the matter. It would certainly explain why they’re so agile and sneaky. It’s apparent that that they may be related to gnomes somehow, simply due to their similar size and features, but that’s where the similarities seem to end. The real fact of the matter may never be revealed but we know that halflings are here, and they have their own way of life that is to be respected.

Known for being relatively docile and secluded from the more dreadful things in the world, it’s unlikely that anybody would end up fighting a halfling at all. Just like most things, certain situations can surprise you.

Adventure hooks:

  • The Archmage requires some arcane research to be done one the amity ward that surrounds Twisp, Burrow, and Old Town. He prefers that the operation be quiet, considering the local inhabitants would prefer not to be disturbed. They’re very adamant about that, and will likely confront anyone who potentially threatens their peaceful little pocket of the Empire.
  • Some of the river runners around the three halfling towns have been complaining of marauders that travel the tributaries to the Midland Sea. The disturbing part: they’re being robbed by their own kin.
  • In Glitterhaegen, there’s been a turf war between halfling gangs. Word on the street is the Twiddlefingers, a halfling thieves’ guild, are pitting their brethren against one another to distract from a grand heist they’re plotting.
  • A halfling businessman in New Port gave the same speech as the Priestess in a meeting with some business partners. Stranger still, just like the Priestess, he doesn’t remember giving the speech. All the halflings in the city are claiming that this is the true lead to uncovering their origin. Many influential halflings in the region are offering up some serious coin for someone to get to the bottom of it.


Angry Halfling

It may seem kind of comical to just have one mad at you but it becomes a lot less funny when he has twelve or fifteen angry friends.

Initiative: +7
3rd Level mook

Torch and/or pitchfork +8 vs. AC – 5 damage
Natural 16+: All other halflings gain a +2 to attack this target until the end of the                      round (this does not stack).

Small: +2 AC against opportunity attacks.

Evasive: Once per battle, when hit with an attack that targets AC, the angry halfling can           force that enemy to reroll their attack with at a -2.

AC: 18
PD: 16                  HP: 10
MD: 13


Halfling Cavalry

Whether they are mounted on a mastiff, ram, or mini-horse, a mounted halfling can be a formidable foe. 

Initiative: +13
Double-strength 5th level wrecker

Small lance or trident +10 vs AC – 30 (50/15) damage
Natural 16+: The halfling cavalry may do a pass (pop free and perform a free                                 move action).
Limited use: This attack is only usable while mounted.

Cavalry saber +10 vs AC – 30 (50/15) damage


Expert rider: While mounted, the halfling cavalry deals +20 damage with its attacks, hit or       miss, against unmounted enemies.

Mounted combatant: Reduce the halfling cavalry’s damage by 15 when it’s not mounted. The   halfling cavalry is dismounted when it’s reduced to 1/3 of its max hit points. A halfling         mount is then placed nearby to the dismounted halfling cavalry.

Mount: Whenever the halfling cavalry rolls a natural 1-10 on an attack roll, its mount acts       independently. Roll 1d6 to determine the random action:
1-2: Bite – The mount makes a bite attack
3-4: Impulsive movement – The mount pops free and moves to a random                                   nearby enemy.
5-6: Headbutt – The mount makes a headbutt attack

Small: +2 AC against opportunity attacks when the halfling is not mounted.

Evasive: Once per battle, when hit with an attack that targets AC, the halfling can force that   enemy to reroll their attack with at a -2. This ability can only be used when the halfling is not mounted.

AC: 21
PD: 20                  HP: 150
MD: 15


Halfling Mount

Initiative: +14 (or same as rider, if it has one)
2nd Level troop

Bite +7 vs AC – 10 damage

Headbutt + 7 vs AC – 5 damage and the target is dazed, save ends.

Uncontrolled: A riderless mount will flee the battle after it is staggered.

AC: 16
PD: 18                  HP: 28
MD: 12


Twiddlefinger Rogue

The name of this renowned thieves’ guild usually draws a giggle from those who hear it. It helps to distract them from the fact that their wallet and keys are being taken. 

Initiative : +17
8th Level spoiler

Quick daggers +14 vs AC (2 attacks) – 20 damage
Natural 16+: The target is confused, save ends

Frisk +12 vs MD (one confused creature) – The Twiddlefinger rogue steals a random true     magic item from the target. The Twiddlefinger rogue may use only it if it is a light/simple             weapon. Use the stolen magic weapon attack.

Stolen magic weapon +15 (+16 or+17, depending on item tier) vs AC – Average damage of the original owner’s damage roll. Any magical ability the weapon has can also be used as stated in the item description.

Small: +2 AC against opportunity attacks.

Evasive: Once per battle, when hit with an attack that targets AC, the halfling can force that   enemy to reroll their attack with at a -2.

Thief: The Twiddlefinger rogue will flee the battle once they obtain a magical item (unless       there’s a story/plot reason for them to stick around and fight).

AC: 26
PD: 22                  HP: 155
MD: 20



The Twiddlefinger idea is probably my favorite out of all of these, let me know what you think! And as always…


Stay Metal \m/

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