Mourn the Fallen

It was a bit of a busy weekend. There wasn’t enough time in the day and I was mourning the fact that I hadn’t been able to release campaign notes for my Ald Sotha game like I had so arrogantly promised. Wednesday, being a day off of work for me, was the perfect day to play catch-up and crank a bunch of stuff out.

Only to find that my USB drive had wiped itself. The USB drive with all of my Ald Sotha files on it, even the stuff from the beginning. Lesson learned: BACK UP FILES! I’m really kicking myself for this one today. So where does this leave me and how do I recover from it? Well, thankfully a lot of the stuff that happened early on in the campaign is basically resolved. We’re mostly running this game on what we remember and what’s relevant to current events anyhow. It’s a tragic loss of the history and stuff we’ve been through, but it overall doesn’t affect the game. Or at least I don’t think it will, it hasn’t yet. More than anything, the files stuck around for a nostalgia factor, with only the most recent files (which I had printed off for easy reference at the table) were of actual use to me. All in all, not so bad after all.

What is the real tragedy here, though, is that now I have to load all my RPG books back onto it… Meh, a mild inconvenience. The USB drive itself was able to be salvaged, though I’ll only store things on it with a suspicious stare. Looking ahead, I will still post up the Trial of the Iron Bear campaign notes, though it may take a bit since I have the added task of transcribing it before adding my commentary. We shall persevere in the face of this technological tragedy!


Stay Metal \m/

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