Campaign Prep: Trial of the Iron Bear Part 1

Image Source: Eric Belisle

Hey folks! At the bottom of the article is a PDF, a piece of my reference notes for my Saturday 13th Age game. At the time of this adventure, the party was comprised of six 7th level characters, with an incremental or two I believe. My players are pretty tough, so if some of this seems like overkill, that’d be why. This whole thing took a while complete because I had a data loss recently that made me want to cry.

This adventure was rather short, spanning three sessions. It’s heavily tailored to the last four years of story that these characters have gone through (though I make little mention of them by name in this one), but I think seeing the notes I bring to the table every time could be useful. All of my campaign notes are written like this, though the order in which I write things may seem jumbled. Just writing the ideas down helps me remember most of the details; for me, the format itself is less important than the content. This definitely isn’t laid out in a way that’d be too useful to someone other than me. The final piece of advice I have to offer when reading this part (or others) is to read the format change post for the Ald Sotha campaign. It’ll make a lot of the names at least somewhat familiar and bring this adventure into context.

Whether or not you care about my campaign as a whole is irrelevant, as I think almost anybody can pull something interesting from the file. Feel free to pick this stuff apart! Feedback, debate about game theory, and questions are more than welcome. Download the file below:

Trial of the Iron Bear Part 1

Stay Metal!

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