Campaign Prep: Trial of the Iron Bear Part 2

Image credit: Forgotten Realms Wikia


Breaking the entire document up by session, here is part 2 of my Trial of the Iron Bear; an adventure that I created for my ongoing 13th Age campaign. In addition, I updated the part 1 comments, as there were a couple of issues with typos and things having been left out and so forth. These parts of the adventure were written after the players had experienced the Pit of Riches. Parts of it were written beforehand, but tweaked to fit what had come of the situation. The comments will highlight which part is subject to that.

Most of what’s within this piece is the buildup to the final encounter of the dungeon, a face-off with the campaign’s main villain, Ossen. The players didn’t know what was waiting for them, but they handled this dungeon very efficiently despite being ignorant of the stakes. Without further adieu, I bring you part two!


Trial of the Iron Bear Commentary Part 2


Stay Metal! \m/

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