Campaign Prep: Trial of the Iron Bear part 3

image credit: David “Happy-Mutt” Paget on DeviantArt

The third and final part of this adventure is at the bottom! Just to spice things up, we have a new “Files” page that has the complete version of this both with and without commentary. Just to build on what that page will be for in the future, really quick: It’ll be where I put adventures and other writings in PDF format for you guys to download, use at the table, use as a coaster, whatever! Just know that anything that has been put in there is personal work, work that I do not receive any payment (other than emotional payment) to do. That fact considered, they won’t have that much visual appeal. Even if they’re not pretty, I hope that the growing of said page will be useful, entertaining, and ever-growing.

This adventure could likely be taken and plopped down into another campaign after tweaking some details. Messing around with stakes that the Icons may or may not have in the situation could make things even better, and the mini-dungeon doesn’t even have to end where I ended it.

If you expand upon this adventure at your home table, add or subtract certain things to the content I’ve presented, nothing would please me more than you writing a long email about it to me. The different ways GMs present/process situations are what make this hobby so rich!

Trial of the Iron Bear Commentary Part 3

Stay Metal \m/

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