Two Year Anniversary!

Image: My hilarious mug and a reader-made, 3D printed, “Heavy Metal GM” D20. Jeff, this is the most amazing thing someone I barely know has ever done for me, thank you so much!


Up early on a Sunday, that’s the kind of guy I am. Anyway, hello! Thank you for coming to visit my humble abode! I debated calling this post the “State of the Blog Address,” but I think that’d be taking myself too seriously. Though, let’s be real, it wouldn’t have changed the informality of the content you’re about to read. As February 16th falls on a Friday (and is still some ways away), no time like the present to whip this one up! This one’s for you.


Surfing through all of my accounts this morning, Facebook had prompted me to write my story, how all this gaming madness came about. I wrote it, you can see it here, and it left me thinking a little. I started this thing two years ago! Already! That reality came like a slap in the face. Feeling like I haven’t done much, I’m a little disappointed in myself, but a closer look changes that feeling. For two years, I have been putting, what I like to call, “word soup” into the world; and by some divine stroke (probably not), people listen to me. As of the time this is being written, this page has seen 154 blog posts (this being the 155th, I’m weird about patterns of fives and round numbers), over 10,000 visitors, and an amount of experiences whose number and quality cannot even be measured. Because of this site, I’ve been employed for writing, experienced my first conventions (Gen Con 49 and 50, PAX East 2017), became a writer/editor for another website, met some beyond fantastic people, and have been recognized by some of the people I admire most in the industry.

That sounds like I’ve done a lot, though I’d disagree, but everything is owed to those who have supported me. And I don’t mean monetarily, the money that has been brought in by running this thing totals somewhere around like $200 since the start. That’s covered the one year, and the current one, of having my own web domain. It’s not a mound of loot I’ve produced over here, but I don’t need a mound. Never in my life have I been so proud of a little pile of stuff, this pile I liked to call my corner of the internet. People who read my content, people who reach out to talk to me about my posts, people who help me refine my posts by giving me input: you’ve built this site! All I did was provide the content to interact with. Time and time again, I’m humbled by the outright kindness and openness of this community. Of course, there are plenty of people who do the opposite, but every plank has its ugly side. Those interactions don’t matter to me as much, as they only rarely add something to my life.

In the coming years, I truly and honestly hope that this community will continue to be as awesome as it has been. From time to time I disappear, don’t post for a while on here or any of my social media, but know that it’s always on my mind. Fixing cars is no easy gig, and I’m in the actual process of switching into the office side of BMW service. Hopefully, fingers crossed, this will open up oodles of mental energy for me, as the physical wear won’t be so abrasive. Let’s make 2018 a kickass year for gaming. Together.

If you have the time and inspiration, I would love for you to comment, Tweet, or send me a Facebook Message about the first time you read this blog, first time you met me, the first time you played a TTRPG, whatever the hell you want. I just want to hear from you, so I can thank you for all the beauty you’ve helped me bring into my life.


Stay Metal \m/

2 Comments on “Two Year Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary!! I try to log in and read as often as possible, and I thank you for the myriad of content and ideas! CHEERS, and I raise my horn of ale to a successful 3rd year!!

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