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Deep calleth upon Deep – Satyricon

Nay sayers will tell you that Satyricon finally went over the deep end with their self-titled album. While it was a far cry from the “black n’ roll” style of Now, Diabolical and Age of Nero, I found it to be an artistic masterpiece. It’s an…

Moonsorrow: Jumalten Aika

Some of you may have noticed but for those who haven’t, I’m totally biased in the realm of Scandinavian, folk and/or black metal. I just love the shit and I love Moonsorrow, and although I’m late to the party, ’tis why I’m reviewing this…

Abbath – Abbath

   Let there be ABBATH! Let’s be honest with ourselves, Abbath had painted a rather silly picture of the black metal scene but there is absolutely nothing silly about this album. Being a black metal fan, I felt a little obliged to check this…

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