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Dragon Empire: City of Monsters

image: Drakkenhall map by Lee Moyer, as seen in 13 True Ways   From the moment I read the description of this city in 13th Age, I was hooked. A city governed by one of the more questionable Icons, always at the brink of war…

Gorogan’s Maw

Photo credit to Pelgrane Press.   Seeing how the Dragon Empire is a half-finished world, I was very pleased about this little face etched into the bottom part of the map having some shred of a story to work with. I’m frightened to imagine what…

Blood and Lightning

Another amazing feat from 13th Age, the first rule book comes with a built in first/second level adventure. It goes by the name Blood and Lightning. What more could you want out of a book, I mean seriously. It’s a player’s handbook, dungeon master’s guide and…

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