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Ald Sotha: A Change in Format!

Image: Legion of Urguan from Lord of the Craft. I had adopted this as the crest of Ald Sotha, years before I started this blog!   Hey everyone! So I’ve been thinking about this Ald Sotha camapaign a lot during the unintentional break my…

Ald Sotha: Resurrection

Image: art comission “Resurrection” by Benjamin Witunsky   Twilight had come. The rhythmic crunch of the hooves in the snow once more pulled Lisbeth into her own head. Her comrades were having a conversation as they traveled to the meeting house of the Ealdormen,…

Ald Sotha: The Seed of Deception

A steely silence hung in the air like a fog whilst the party digested what they saw. Crysx cleared his throat and turned to go back up the stairs. The weight of that curse mark was a lot for him, he just couldn’t stand…

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